a closer look into what a classical education means in the usa

a time-tested way of learning, classical education is catching on more and more in the united states. here's a closer look into one yale university graduate and a san diego, california mom who took matters into her own hands when she couldn't find the right school for her children (read about her story here)


from country girl to "queen of paris" ~ mlle. chanel

a self-invented legend, gabrielle chanel is a lasting fashion icon. even though she came from humble beginnings, mlle. chanel had vision and conviction. her influences were modern and her actions bold. the woman famously said "her scent should be as important as her style of dress" knew how to be classy yet strong even from an early age. She could be found plucking birds and feathers from typically trendy hats to create something in her words, lighter and more chic.

she will always be remembered as the reigning queen of modern fashion, with red lips. xoxo coco!
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do you just wonder how some people do it all? well this fabulous lady is just one of those people. sarah copeland of edible living manages to maintain a popular publication's food section—keeping it fresh and looking amazing. All this too while raising a family, having romantic dates nights with her hubby AND publishing her second cookbook, FEAST. If you've decided that this is the year to eat vegetarian at least 3 days a week, 1 day or just on occassion, you have to check out this amazing book! we will have it on our go to cookbook shelf gladly!!


green with delight

today was one of those days where i could go just about anywhere and do just about anything. i choose to start my day at one of the prettiest floral shops in san diego, green fresh florals. i wandered in blindly, but my eyes suddenly widen at the gorgeous window display and smart logo ~ it called to me.

i started at the wall of amazing letterpress cards ~ cards from all my favorite letterpress shops {smock, egg press, and sable & snow}. i then moved to the wall of golden urns, glass vases and knotted drift wood. next were the florals ~ blueish greens, pink peonies, seeded eucalyptus ~ all of my favorites.

finally i moved to the outdoor area that was full of beautiful pots and succulents ~ you felt like you were in tuscany! the square frame succulent garden hung with great beauty, which i loved the most and thought i could recreate at home.

after carefully studying every corner, i came out of there with a handful of cards, a few succulents to make my own potted garden and an armful of pink peonies. a delightful visit i should say.


feeling summer

this week we experienced the first days of summer. what were you wearing? we like the effortless and versatile looks ~ always a pop of color and a neutral to keep the right balance. to avoid being too prim, keep an element of surprise to your summer look. cheers! {jcrew}


the newlywed cookbook + martha stewart

ever dreamt about being on the martha stewart show live, baking with martha herself? well that dream has been realized by the very talented recipe developer and author of 'the newlywed cookbook', sarah copeland. be sure to stop by her lively blog for a behind the scenes look at her trip to the martha stewart studios and then watch her on the show!


life is a little sweeter...

you probably already know that sarah copeland of {edible living} is my favorite lifestyle expert & recipe developer, but did you know that she is sharing one of her rockstar recipes with martha stewart living tomorrow in their studios? i'm on pins and needles in anticipation! while waiting for this magic to air, come visit sarah at her book signing event at the fabulous {pink olive, nyc}! delicious!